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Cloth Swim Diapers

There are a number of brands of cloth swim diapers on the market today. Cloth swim diapers are a more economical choice than throwaway or disposable swim diapers. The natural material of a cloth swim diaper is a comfortable way to let your baby or toddler go swimming, while providing a barrier of protection in order to keep public swimming areas free from unanticipated accidents. Cloth swim diapers do not use chemical gel crystals like disposable diapers do, and thus do not release these chemicals into the water and the environment.

It should be noted that swim diapers are not usually used as a substitue for regular cloth diapers as they are not made or intended to absorb urine. Their sole purpose is to create a barrier that prevents solids from being released into the pool water. Cloth swim diapers also do not require a cover.

Mother-ease Swim Diapers

The Mother-ease Swim Diaper will allow you to take your baby or toddler to the pool or beach without worrying about contaminating the pool or sea water. Accidents stay put until you can get your child somewhere for a quick clean-up. Designed for ease of use and reliability, the Mother-ease swim diapers will allow you to enjoy the warmer months of summer with your baby!

The Mother-ease swim diaper is made from a soft, stretchy, bathing suit material. They are lightweight and comfortable. As they do not absorb water they will remain comfortable when wet and will not become droopy. They come with adjustable plastic side snaps, allowing for a customized fit and easy clean up. Soft elastic at the waist and legs give total comfort and an inner elasticized net catches poop and holds it in place until parents can get somewhere for a quick change.

Mother-ease Swim Diapers are available in 3 sizes, small (10-18 lbs.), medium (18-30 lbs.), and large (30-40 lbs.). They come in white, red, blue and a bold print called Brazilian Rhythm.

Bummis Swim Diapers

The Bummis Swim Diaper is designed with the main goal of keeping accidents contained. It is the winner of the iParenting Media Hot Product & Media Award. Bummis SWIMMI boasts a trim fit with an attractive design.

Bummis Swim diapers come in fun, updated cotton prints and feature a trim, attractive design that adjusts to fit baby's of all sizes. An interior polyester mesh fabric allows for easy clean-ups and plenty of "breathing room". The waterproof design is due to an inner layer of coated nylon sandwiched between two outer layers. Stretchy and soft lycra bindings protect your infant from rough elastics.

Bummis Swim Diapers are available in 3 sizes, small (7-13 lbs.), medium (13-20 lbs.), and large (20-28 lbs.). They come in a variety of fun and bold prints including Bubbles, Clown Fish, Fishies, Pizzazz, and Turtles.

Imse Vimse Swim Diapers

Imse Vimse Swim Diapers are made in association with the Swedish Swim Association. They are designed specifically for baby's comfort and mother's ease. Made to pull-on like underwear, the legs and waist are bound in a soft lycra to protect baby's skin from irritation. The bikini-style allows for a trim fit, making them easier to wear under another swimsuit. Snaps on one side of the diaper allow for easy changing if an accident occurs.

Imse Vimse Swim Diapers are available in 5 sizes, newborn (7-13 lbs.), small (13-17 lbs.), medium (15-22 lbs.), large (20-26 lbs.), and extra large (24-30.5 lbs.). They come in a large variety of fun and bold prints.

Problems with Swim Diapers

The use of swim diapers may give parents a false sense of security regarding fecal contamination. Little to no studies have been completed on whether swim diapers or swim pants are able to keep feces or infection-causing germs out of pool water. Even though swim diapers and swim pants may hold in some feces, they are not leak proof and can still contaminate the pool water. They are also not very efficient at keeping urine out of pool water as they have a much lower absorbancy rate than typical diapers. This is due to the wet environment in which they are designed to work.

That being said, there are a number of steps you can take as a parent to try and minimize the risk. If your child is ill with diarrhea, you should not allow them to swim in a pool, even if they are protected with a swim diaper. You should also plan on regular and frequent (about every 30 - 60 minute) diaper changes or trips to the toilet.

Little scientific information exists on how well swim diapers and swim pants are able to keep feces or infection-causing germs from leaking into the pool. It is unlikely that swim diapers are able to keep diarrheal stools, the most serious water contaminant, from leaking into the pool. No manufacturers claim these products prevent leakage of diarrhea into pools.

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